Amplifi Bump Bag Anthracite

Amplifi Bump Bag Anthracite

AMPLIFI The Duke 200 Anthracite

AMPLIFI The Duke 200 Anthracite

Amplifi Board Sack Black 170

Board Sack Black

With its super-simple clean design, the Board Sack is the perfect companion to carry your ride to the hill and keep your edges intact.

32,50 €
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
Amplifi Board Sack Black

Keep It Simple, Stupid! The ultra-lightweight, low-profile, stashable design of the Board Sack means you can get your gear to the mountain easily and safely, without having to lug a heavy board bag around. Perfect for day trips to the mountain!

Primary Material: 100% Polyester

- High-Performance Accessories:
The High-Performance Accessories that enhance our designs are provided by quality suppliers like YKK Plastics, ITW Nexus and WOOJIN Plastics. Most parts are made from recycled materials.

- Polyester:
Polyester is durable, lightweight and is used in our gear bags. The ripstop version is even more tear- and abrasion-resistant.

- Height: 170 cm
- Width: 48 cm
- Depth: 0 cm


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