Amplifi Gran Torino

Amplifi Gran Torino

Amplifi Ridge Pack Anthracite

Amplifi Ridge Pack Anthracite

Amplifi Flight Torino

Amplifi Flight Torino Black

The Flight Torino is your weekend companion - it meets most airlines’ hand luggage requirements!

170,00 €
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Amplifi Gran Torino

The Flight Torino meets most airlines’ hand luggage requirements, so you won’t even need to check it in! The user-friendly double-decker fold-out construction keeps your gear organized and compact. Multiple grab handles, a telescopic handle and wheels make it a breeze to take anywhere!

- Ironclad Bottom Construction:
The Ironclad Bottom construction uses super-strong panels made from EVA and ballistic-textured nylon. It makes your travel bag bombproof and saves you a hell of a lot of weight. Dragging the ass out of your bag is a thing of the past.

- Double-Decker Construction:
Double-Decker Construction gives you a wardrobe on wheels! Two layers makes packing, unpacking and organizing so much easier. The heavy-duty zipper can withstand hard traveling.

- Height: 56 cm
- Width: 32 cm
- Depth: 25 cm 
- Volume: 50 l


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