AMPLIFI MK II Skin Pants front

Slidinėjimo apsaugos AMPLIFI MK II Skin Pants Black

Amplifi Wrist Wrap side

Slidinėjimo apsaugos Amplifi Wrist Wrap

Slidinėjimo apsaugos Amplifi MK II Knee

MK II Knee

Amplifi MK II kelių apsaugos tai yra geriausias pasirinkimas ieškantiems patogumo neaukojant apsaugos tvirtumo.

Armorgel medžiaga tai silokono pagrindu sukurta :non-newtonian" skystis, kurio unikalios savybes veikia smugio metu.

Todel gauname maksimalų patogumą ir maksimalią apsauga.

Nuo 90,00 €
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
Amplifi MK II Knee
The MK II Knee is a great option for those looking for ultimate flexibility, without sacrificing protection.

The Armourgel material is a silicone based non-newtonian fluid, the unique characteristics of which mean that the protective properties are “activated” upon impact. This allowed the AMPLIFI R&D team to create a brand new approach to designing the MK II Knee, altering the shape of the sleeve for a unique, comfortable glove-like fit.

Flatlock seams, silicone non-slip hems and super breathable technical fabrics round out the design, of what we believe to be the next generation of protective products.
Material composition: 40% Chloroprene Rubber, 20% Synthetic Elastomer, 20% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 5% Elastane

- Kevlar Stretch:
This Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric is needed for areas with high abrasion resistance. Extremely durable but still lightweight and flexible.

- Neopren:
Neoprene is a foamed material made ​​of synthetic rubber. Due to its material structure, it has excellent thermal insulating properties .

- Power Webbing:
This high quality knitted webbing is flawless in performance and functionality in extreme conditions. We have put the highest standards in terms of durability and strength to it.

- Respiration Mesh:
This is our standard Jersey mesh material for our protection jackets. It is very lightweight, has 4-way stretch capabilities, dries very quickly and is breathable to ensure highest wearing comforts.

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