Safe EasyRide 10'6" 2015


Easyride 10’6” is the ultimate all-around Inflatable SUP board.
It is designed in order to meet ant requirements – it floats and glides fast on flat waters. Furthermore, is has great maneuverability on waves. This inflatable paddle board has a wider stern, which provides better balance and ideal buoyancy.
The remarkable volume of 265 liters and the 15 cm thickness are important characteristics to have an extremely rigid board – it is perfect if you want to paddle with your whole family, work out and ride even the smallest waves. It is definitely one of the top all-around SUP board.
Easyride 10’6” is the perfect stand up paddle board for everyday trips, in any weather conditions. 


The 10’6’’ board includes a backpack with the Safe logo, a repairing kit, a Safe Sup single flow pump which inflates up to 1 Bar, a Safe Sup pressure gauge, one removable central side with Safe logo ad two fixed sides.


LENGTH_ 320 cm / 10'6" 
WIDTH_ 82 cm / 32"
THICKNESS_ 15 cm / 6"
VOLUME_ 265 litres
WEIGHT_ 12,6 kg +/- 10%
COLOUR_ Black Camo
RIDER WEIGHT_ Up to 140 kg
HOW TO USE IT_ Fitness, allrounders, small waves , for the whole family

Special Price 599,00 € Regular Price 945,00 €
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Safe EASYRIDE 10'6"


The KIT provided with each SAFE board includes:
1. One nylon backpack with the SAFE logo, light and resistant with un upper fastening zipper.
It is equipped with 2 adjustable, wide and stuffed straps and with 1 waist stuffed belt with adjustable buckle in order to ease the transport.
Moreover, the backpack is equipped with two stuffed handles which transform it into a comfortable travel bag. It is spacious inside and it can easily contain the board, the pump, the repairing kit, the paddle that can be dissembled and various other useful tools.  
2. A repairing kit which includes 1 tube of special glue for PVC, 3 PVC patches.
3.A patented SAFE Sup pump for the inflation of the inflatable boards , with the possibility of inflating up to pressure 26psi. The pump has a slightly elongated shape , is very robust and has the aluminum shaft ; these characteristics make it suitable to inflate a table in 4/5 minutes of time allowing a minimum of effort. CAPACITY_ 1.8+1.8L, max. pressure 26psi as DIN EN 16051CHARACTERISTICS_  seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump and ISUP board, high-airflow piston for an easier inflation, switch tap for double/single action, shockproof gauge meter

4. A SAFE pressure gauge for your SUP board. Thanks to its particular configuration you can gradually measure the pressure.   .
5. A central fin with logo SAFE  made  of black plastic material of excellent quality, which can be inserted thanks to the sliding system with Pin Lock tongs locking.



Each and every SAFE inflatable SUP board is designed and tested in order to combine maximum safety and excellent performances. Each model has its own feature which makes it unique and suitable for its use, from surfing to racing to enjoying your free time. 

The peculiarity of SAFE inflatable SUP boards is their construction. Every board is produced using high quality PVC, through a patented process which is called “XPRO” and which enables our product to gain high load capacity and exceptional shock absorption.
Technical features:
- the 3-layer structure gives the board its resistance, firmness and shape
- internal welded stitching keeps the shape of the board intact, without risking any warps
- the special “Air Block” layer eliminates pressure drops
- EVA anti-abrasion and non-slip covering
Each and every SAFE inflatable SUP board is produced through the guaranteed XPRO system (fig. 2) at high density: thousands of thread sensors are crossing the board and giving it its shape, while the air inside produces pressure and makes it extremely firm. A high density material is the ideal solution for a high quality board with a more firm and resistant structure to combat ageing and shocks.
Four layers and maximum attention to the side rail:
SAFE inflatable SUPs are made assembling 3 layers of material. The board, with its inner soul made of thousands of threads, is covered with a second and 3. At the end of the process a non-slip grip and the fins are added.
During the entire process we particularly focus on the side rails, which is covered by a further layer, as we know that is the most delicate part of the board where all the pressure converges.
Most of the inflatable SUPs available on the market are covered by a single layer, SAFE inflatable SUP boards have even 3. This makes the boards almost impossible to puncture or ruin and allows the use in maximum safety. 
SAFE inflatable SUPs’ fins:
Our fins’ structure is made of a thruster asset, with short fixed lateral fins and one adjustable snap-fit central fin, without needing any tools to fix it.
Thanks to this system you will have 3 fixed fins which increase the control of the board as well as the capacity of paddling in a straight line. Also, this prevents the sides to bend when the board is transported in the backpack, as it often happens when you have a board with fixed fins. 
The thickness of SAFE inflatable SUPs:
The thickness of our boards equals the proportion between shape and rigidity.
Building a thicker board means making it automatically more rigid, but it also means affecting the technical performances. 
If a surf board is too thick, its maneuverability and balance in the water will be impaired. This is the reason why we designed boards as rigid as possible, keeping the excellent level of performances: 11 cm is the perfect thickness for a board designed to surf. The thin rails are crucial for a better control on the wave wall and a better maneuverability.
15 cm is the perfect thickness for not wave boards. This thickness guarantees the best rigidity and balance, has great load capacity and, thanks to its improved buoyancy, reduces the water friction in race conditions.


1. The inflation valve is situated at the bow of the board.
2. The board is provided with two prints with the SAFE logo on the rails, both on the left and on the right side.
3. One handle for carrying the board is located in the middle.
4. The board is provided with an inox steel ring located astern in order to be able to hook the leash. A further inox steel ring is located to the fore, very useful if you want to pull your SUP board from sail boats like tender, or if any emergency rescue/anchoring procedures are needed. Also, the board is equipped with 4 inox steel rings that work as luggage holder. 
5. The board is provided with a central fin, which can be inserted thanks to two fixed gum fins and to the sliding system with Pin Lock tongs locking. The central fin is made of black plastic material of excellent quality.

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