Irklentės Pompa STARBOARD V8 Double Action Pump

Irklentės Pompa STARBOARD V8 Double Action Pump


Kieta irklentė STARBOARD 9'0"X30" CONVERSE


STARBOARD 7'10"x31.5" Air Born

"Small surf, extraordinary performance!"
For those looking for ultra-high performance and stability in small surf, the Air Born 7'10'x 31.5" has all the characteristics of the 30" board and more. We traded 1/10 of an inch thickness for 1.5 inches of width, keeping almost the same volume. This ultra-thin profile allows the board to flex more and store all the energy ready for release on your airs or cutbacks, while providing extra stability and control. This is the ultimate performance fish. "Mono-concave merging to double concave with tail V.
Board weight 8.09 kg 
Estimated rider weight max - 85kg
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STARBOARD 7'10"X31.5" AIR BORN wood

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